Autumn Shoes and Sneakers for Men

Autumn is just around the corner, and the question comes up: which are the right autumn shoes?

Every year comes to the same question. How do you survive the autumn and winter as a sneaker fan? Do you have to do without your beloved sneakers in the winter?

No, you do not have to. We find that sneakers go in every season. As long as there is no snow or mud on the sidewalks, winter sneakers are no mean thing for the city.

Think About it Yourself, How Long Have You Been Out in the Normal Working Day?

For us, it means jumping in the morning on the train or the bike, and from there it goes directly to the office. The train or the office is pretty sneaker friendly. On the bike, there are little tricks. On the one hand there are shoe covers that provide dirt, cold and moisture and on the other hand, you have to stop just one foot when stopping. It’s back by train or bike.

Our Favorite Shoe is Still the Clean White Sneaker – Even with the Autumn Shoes

But white sneakers always go Stylistically! Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter – the white sneaker is the trendsetter in autumn/winter 2018. The significant advantage of the classic white clean sneaker – it fits just about anywhere. You can combine the white sneaker with a classically elegant style like the Deadpool t-shirt or with a sporty casual outfit.

And let’s face it: with the sneaker, a little summer is always there.

Warm Winter and Autumn Shoes for Men

But we also do not just move on by train, car or bicycle. Therefore, there are of course also in our shoe cabinets winter suitable boots. Winter-proof men’s shoes are not comfortable to find, as this is a narrow grade between hiking and rubber boots. Okay, that’s a little over the top. But simple winter shoes, which still have a specific style, are not comfortable to find.

For this, you will find on our pictures some inspirations and more on our fashion blog for men.