How Shopper Bag Can Become Your Regular Carry While Shopping:

Let’s face it; if you are an individual who is aware of the pollution caused by plastic to our land and water bodies, you must be encouraging the use of products which are not use-and-throw. Most of the polythene bags that are single time use end up as landfill or are dumped into the sea. […]


Designer Dresses Online: Trendy Ways to Wear Clothes

Buying designer dresses online brings tons of advantages. Besides the convenience and accessibility it brings to consumers, you can easily see how a certain style wears well on a real woman’s body. This gives you an idea of how you should wear this in real life, allowing you to experiment and have fun with your […]


Outfits and Cosmetic Products That Make You Look Classy

Fashion or trend in clothing is meant to follow. It always changes according to the environment. There are some outfits that really change someone else’s look to a great extent. To look sophisticated all the time or wherever you go, your clothes and which cosmetic you use matters a lot. It is very good saying […]


Handbags Do Matter

Fashion gurus always draw our attention to details, not only to the main parts of the outfits we prefer. That’s why choosing great accessories can become very important when you need to improve your style. This time we asked the experts of Cattifly to comment on the latest trends regarding stylish handbags considered must-haves of […]


How to Buy Women Pants

There are two steps that you’ll need to perform when trying on a new pair of pants. Pants are rather an important part of women attire and the choice of the pants will allow you to receive a casual or formal appearance. They are considered as an essential wardrobe that every woman have as it […]


Get the Best Vintage Heels from FSJ shoes

The invention of shoes happened when people felt that their feet need to be protected. The feet are subjected to many insults and abuses while walking, running or even standing for that matter. Shoes did a good job of providing the necessary protection. However, now a pair of shoes have lot more to do. It […]


Different Dermal Fillers & Their Uses

Dermal fillers have become very popular alternatives to Botox injections for cosmetic improvements to skin tone.  This is primarily because most dermal fillers are derived from natural substances that are already present in the human body.  Because they are natural, they tend to be safer than chemical Botox injections but, as with all treatments, there […]


Your Nails Deserve To Get Pampered Too

Getting your nails pampered is something that could be easily done at home. However, the only problem that would arise is that this work is quite stressful. It may eventually get quite messy too. This way rather than getting relaxed you end up getting more stressed. Your body does not get the distressing session it […]


Four Common Mistakes Men Make when Wearing Ties

Wearing ties can be tricky. A lot of men can make mistakes especially if they don’t take fashion into account. They may just use the internet and find some guides for doing tie knots. But, having some knowledge of fashion can go a long way in helping you choose the right tie and ensuring you […]


How to Use Flat Iron to Straighten Your Hair?

With the help of the straightening iron, you can easily get the hairstyle fashion which you want. Also, when you’re having straightening iron at your home, you need not worry about calling the hairstylist again and again in order to get the hairstyle which you prefer. At the same point in time, many people think […]