5 Tips to Consider When Purchasing Newborn Baby Clothes

For new parents, and mostly first-timers, it can be challenging finding newborn baby clothing. Such clothes are tiny, delicate, and quite adorable, something difficult to resist. However, you should be focusing on filling your baby’s closet with fancy baby dresses that are practical.

Additionally, stay away from clothing that is uncomfortable for your baby, and that is a total waste of money and time. Also, be keen on safety, softness, and durability. Do not pay too much attention to the style of your baby’s clothing, especially at this age. Let us check out things to consider while purchasing your newborn baby’s clothing.

  1. Ignore Designer Baby Clothes

Designers and infant clothing manufacturers always know how hard it is to resist baby clothing since most parents aim at dressing their newborns in the best possible apparels. However, the thing is, babies, grow quite fast, and in the end, those dressing versions end up to be a complete waste. You will have thrown much of your money out of the window. Designer clothing purchases should be saved for later after your baby has grown up bigger to enjoy dressing them for a long time.

2.      Choose Comfort

Just like everyone, babies love comfortable clothing. Babies don’t mind whether they are dressed in $50 designer suit or a three pack Gerber Onesies that goes for a few bucks. Comfortable clothing makes your baby happier hence providing a peaceful home. Furthermore, such clothing will allow your baby to sleep much better meaning that you and your family get time to do other tasks and sleep peacefully. Remember, organic dresses provide more comfort to your baby, and are perfect for umbilical cord care for your newborn.

  1. Your Newborn Sleeps Often

Yes, newborns love to sleep, which is a health benefit. On average, your baby can sleep up to 18 hours in a day contrary to you who requires 6 to 8 hours per day. This means that you have to consider purchasing comfortable coveralls as well as pajamas and not outfits for your baby. Research more on what should be bought as sleepwear for your baby.

  1. You’ll Probably Receive Baby Clothes as Gifts

You can agree with me that your friends and loved ones will mostly bring baby clothes to your baby shower. Most people are indeed immune to the urge of buying tiny baby clothes. If you have to purchase baby clothes, it is wise to wait until you have had your baby shower. But if you cannot overcome the urge, consider going for shopping consignment. Such shopping consignments can save you a great deal of money.

  1. Consider Your Baby’s Size When Buying their Clothing

When you hear that kids grow like weeds, it’s not a joke. You will have to double your kid’s age to be sure you’re buying the right size. Do this until they are at age two and above, and this is the general rule of thumb. If you purchase these apparels early in advance, you might be making a big mistake as the baby would never fit in half of what you bought. To be on the safe side, find tips on clothing size and age charts as well as the type of clothing you’ll buy based on weight and height.


These are five tips you need to consider while purchasing a baby’s clothing. Do not rush in making purchases before reading through and understanding what should be done.