5 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Hair Wig

To purchase a wig that deceives the eyes is a task that has to be undertaken with care. The key to a good purchase is to ask the right questions and the following given brief will assist you with the same:

What kind of hair was used in the making of a wig?

It is important to choose a wig that will suit your lifestyle. A wig can be classified into two types: Synthetic and Human hair wig. If you want a realistic touch then purchasing a human hair wig will be your best bet. But human hair wigs are available on the more expensive range as compared to the synthetic ones.  

What is the quality of the wig cap?

One of the most significant queries to ask the wig supplier is the quality of the wig cap. If it isn’t of good quality then it will result in being uncomfortable, giving you itch attacks. It includes machine lace, full lace, and silk and so on. Hence, choose the wig cap which is comfortable.   

Is the wig right for your head size?

The logic of one wig size for all head types is completely false. There are different wig sizes for different head sizes. Not just that one wig style might contain only a limited number of pieces. Hence, measuring your head size before heading to make a purchase would be advisable.

Which wig style and color will complement your look?

Not all wig styles compliment everyone. The decision of the wig style must be taken with respect to the face structure and the wig color according to the skin tone. Normally, a curly wig cut would complement a square-shaped face or if you have a round face then a straight hair wig would be recommended.

The wig color must be in alignment with the skin tone or shades of the same color palette can be utilized to build contrast. In this regard, RL Moda offers a variety of shades and styles which you can choose from.

How do you maintain a wig?      

Usually, a human hair wig is more challenging to maintain as it is more delicate in nature. Synthetic wig doesn’t require much effort to maintain and can be easily taken care of. However, it doesn’t last long. On the other hand, a human hair wig when maintained with care will last long.

With all these answers, you are now wig-purchase ready. Go and buy the right one!