5 Myths Related to Pepper Sprays

If you have been thinking of buying a pepper spray bottle, but you have been discouraged by a lot of people, all we want to say is that you must not trust those who say against such self-defense tools. Those who never use such products are never in the favor of them, unless they realize their importance. It is not the fault of all the people; they believe certain myths that they listen to from their parents, friends or spouses.

We have made a list of the top five myths related to pepper sprays you must know:

  • All countries have banned the use of pepper sprays: No doubt a few countries have banned the use of pepper sprays, the truth is that some of the countries, or states, have legalized this self-defense product. Thus, if you carry and use a pepper spray bottle, you are not “caught.”
  • All the pepper spray bottles are bulky, huge and heavy:The worst thing people think is that all the bottles are heavy. The truth is that some of the bottles are sleek and beautiful. They are sleek enough to fit in your pocket as well.
  • You can never get a beautiful and positive looking pepper spray bottle: There are companies that have designed and created the most wonderful looking pepper spray bottles.
  • All pepper sprays are very expensive: The truth is that not all the pepper sprays are expensive; some are quite affordable and you can buy them for your friends as well.
  • A pepper spray bottle never opens in time: It is not that you are unable to open the cap of the pepper spray bottle when you are trapped by someone; it all depends upon how well you handle your panicky.

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