5 Different Ways to Upgrade Your Wedding

Choosing a wedding band is one of the best choices to make especially when you are in love and are sure that you want to spend the rest of your life with your partner. However, several persons over the years feel the need to do something special by upgrading their wedding bands to reflect their love, compatibility and financial status. In the event you are the one looking for possible ways to spice up the unique jewellery sitting on your left hand, here are some tips which may come in handy.

1. Upgrade Your Solitaire to a 3-Stone Engagement Ring

Should you have sought out a single diamond piece of unique jewellery at the start of your marriage life, a wedding band upgrade may come in the form of a natural extra step by adding two additional diamonds for just that little extra bit of sparkle. The additional diamonds should, however, be relatively smaller than the first diamond and can be placed on either side of the first diamond to give it the feel of a unique jewellery.

Additionally, a three stone ring such as this signifies the past, present and future of the life of you and your partner.

2. Add a Pop of Color

Choosing an engagement ring in Melbourne may prove difficult given the different types, sizes and shapes. However, after having chosen a diamond ring, over the years, adding colour to the most popular engagement ring may be just the right amount of upgrade you want to signify your undying love.

Diamonds are clear and sparkle, but a little extra colour added to your ring won’t hurt it a bit. There are several ways to achieve this and it could be through the use of Sapphires, rubies and emeralds which all come in beautiful, vivid hues that will surely influence the colour of the diamond and make it reflect better.

3. Add Some Sparkle to Your Band

In case you’re the type that loves to make the unique jewellery on your left hand a little more subtly upgraded, then you might want to consider the option of adding a few extra diamonds on the band for a perfectly magical, dazzling effect. Rather than adding diamonds that are slightly smaller to the sides of the solitary diamond in your ring, consider adding even smaller diamonds into the band.

4. Change the Material of Your Band

Sometimes, an upgrade may involve changing the concept of what was in existence and as such, your wedding band can be upgraded by changing the entire material of the previous band. The decision to refresh the ring band may be a choice to change the material from gold to platinum, from yellow gold to white gold and so on.

5. Double Your Halo

Additional changes that can be made to the unique jewellery called your engagement band may be an addition to the halo. This is however specifically for the halo type engagement rings in Melbourne. The halo style ring is extremely popular in modern engagement rings, and while it looks stylish, a subtle addition may be made to the halo to give it a classic, beautiful and of course expensive look. With the second halo placed on the engagement band, it gives it an air and appearance of sophistication while still maintaining a classic and timeless feel.