Can Human Hair Extensions be Dyed?

I love how human extensionshave the ability to transform your look and give you the option of trying out new hairstyles. Remy hair extensions last long, and can even be worn for more than one year. If you have been wearing hair extensions, you might be wondering how safe it is to dye your hair. […]


3 Tips for Improving Your Hair

When you’re a woman who puts a lot of time and effort into your hair, you want it to look great. With that in mind, are you taking the steps needed when you want to improve your hair? Keep in mind that your hair can get out of whack for a myriad of reasons. That […]


Know All About the Latest Available Trends in Gold Jewellery Designs!

Gold jewellery has played an important role in the lives of Indian people since time immemorial. Not only is gold precious, but also the variety of designs of gold jewellery are many and diverse. In olden days, gold jewellery used to be extremely heavy. The ornaments contained more gold and did not have the finesse […]


Hacks On Washing Digital Printed Clothes

The digitally printed clothes are latest in trend. They are the top-selling item in clothing. If it has some fantastic prints, then one stands out from the crowd. Moreover, sometimes they are also used in advertising a particular event, cause, show love for the favorite team and much more. There are so many garments printed […]


Steam Flat Iron Damage Hair: Myth and Reality

The steam flat irons use steam and heat to style and straighten the hair. Though seems to be at a high temperature, the steam they use helps hair get enough moisture which makes them perfectly smooth and straightened. However, excessive use to change the nature of your hair on regular basis will certainly cause damage. […]


Take your confidence a level up with an impressive tie

Though compared to women men have fewer options when it comes to enhancing their outfit. A tie is all time favorite accessories of men that can make a huge difference in overall appearance and dignity of a person.  Matching right tie is crucial as tie speaks a lot about your fashion sense, mood and personal […]


How Shopper Bag Can Become Your Regular Carry While Shopping:

Let’s face it; if you are an individual who is aware of the pollution caused by plastic to our land and water bodies, you must be encouraging the use of products which are not use-and-throw. Most of the polythene bags that are single time use end up as landfill or are dumped into the sea. […]